Founders Agreements: A Comprehensive Guide

Everything you need to know about preparing a  Founders Agreement for a New Startup + Templates, Samples, Founder's Agreements and more ► Startups and Ventures Practice ► Basics of Founders Agreements Founders agreements can be one of the most important tools for a new start up, or existing startup that is on the verge of receiving investment funds. [...]

Having Trouble Getting Investor Funding For Your Startup? Here are Some Tips.

You have a great concept, a great team,  and are prepared to quit your day job and do anything to get your startup off the ground. The problem is, not a single soul seems to be interested in investing in your startup. Maybe months have gone by without hearing back from a single angel, investor [...]

How to Reincorporate or Convert into a Delaware Corporation

Need Help Converting your Corporation to a Delaware Corporation? Check out our guide and $99 Complete Form Package Below. One of the top questions business owners and startups often ask is whether it makes sense to convert their non-Delaware corporation or LLC into a Delaware C Corporation.  Usually, this arises when venture capital or other [...]

Help! My Startup Is Going Nowhere. What am I Doing Wrong?

 You have a great idea. You are prepared to work to death. Maybe you have even assembled talented team. But no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get any funding or traction for your startup.  What are you doing wrong? Is this a sign your startup is doomed? Take a Step Back. Before you [...]

International Entrepreneurs: Can a Foreign Non-Citizen be a Founder of a New U.S. Startup?

California is home to the top two startup ecosystems in the world, Silicon Valley and the Los Angeles metro area.  Each year, thousands of foreign founders, entrepreneurs, and investors look for opportunities to participate in new California startups. One of the top questions foreign citizens often have involves the limits on what activities non-citizens can [...]

What is a Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement and Why Have One?

A restricted stock purchase agreement is common among startups and ventures, but many founders wonder why it is used, its advantages, and disadvantages. Here’s a quick guide that provides an overview. What Is A Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement? A restricted stock purchase agreement often comes up during the course of issuing stock to the new [...]

Thinking of Starting Your Own New Business? When to Quit your Day Job. 

Every day, thousands of people wonder whether it would be possible to make money on their own and leave behind 9-5 work. The reasons are almost always the same: wanting to leave the imprisonment of working in a cubicle, getting away from the stress of a toxic work environment, a bad boss, horrible coworkers, being able to [...]

Do Founders Really Need a Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement for Founder’s Shares?

One of the basic issues founders are confronted with is whether they should take their founders' shares of the startup subject to a restricted stock purchase agreement, or outright with no restrictions on the shares. What is an RSPA? What's it good for? Is it really necessary? Here are some thoughts to help answer questions that [...]

Risk v. Reward: Thinking of Starting a Marijuana Dispensary or Delivery Startup?

With the flurry of nationwide activity loosening restrictions for the purchase and use of marijuana for medical purposes, entrepreneurs and investors interested in cannabis-based businesses generally wonder the same thing: is the risk and expense worth the profits that a new marijuana dispensary or delivery service could bring in? In California, the answer generally is, "it [...]

MIT Scientists Identify Mathematics Behind Startup Success

Of the 600,000 businesses that startup each year in America, only 1/2 will survive to see their 4th anniversary. In a new study published in the journal Science, a duo of MIT economists argue that a handful of few key factors seem to be associated with the potential for success. They have developed a mathematical [...]

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