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Axis represents individuals, businesses, and entertainment industry clients in a wide variety of legal matters. Our focus is on providing outstanding full-service legal representation to clients seeking high quality representative cost-effectively.

Axis Professional Law Corporation is a law firm primarily representing individuals, businesses, and entertainment clients in a variety of transactional and dispute/litigation matters. Our practice areas include business/corporate law, entertainment law (film, television, music, law, creative arts), litigation/dispute resolution, labor/employment law, intellectual property, investments and financings, healthcare law, estates, probate, and trust law,  international client representation, and numerous others.

Driven by the pursuit of combining excellence with value, Axis is dedicated to delivery of superior client service and relentless in seeking the highest standards possible for professionalism in the legal field.


Our Core Values Set Us Apart

 In the field of physics, an axis is a line around which a body revolves. In mathematics, an axis is the baseline standard which all other coordinates are measured. In history, Axis powers refer to a strong alliance forged between partners seeking the same cause and interest.

Axis is named after all of these concepts. Having the right attorneys representing you  can mean the difference between moving forward towards growth, or stagnating at a standstill.  We measure our success for clients  not using intangible and immeasurable metrics, but on real, meaningful results. Finally, we treat every client engagement as a partnership and alliance with clients. We work hand in hand with clients, as a team, to help guide the path towards growth and success.

Axis was designed to deliver a simple product:  the highest grade of legal services usually accessible only to Fortune 500 companies, coupled with exceptional client service, responsiveness, and relentless advocacy. Client interests come first — always.  Solutions are a matter of how, not if.   Budgets are kept, not broken.  Legal recommendations take into account not only short term goals, but larger long-term strategies.  We are honest with clients about not only the best approach to their legal issues, but the most cost-effective one, simply because it is the right thing to do.  As a result, our relationships with clients often transcend a single legal engagement and last for many years. We are not only their attorneys, we become their trusted advisors, and friends.
Our philosophy and unique approach to legal services is consistently the subject of  high praise and accolades not only from clients, but colleagues, decisionmakers, and numerous others. Our greatest pride is having the complete trust of our clients.  Our goal is to provide  legal services so beyond client expectations with such consistency that when clients speak of our services, it is using a long list of superlatives. 
The firm not only seeks to deliver outstanding legal services to clients, but to maintain social responsibility within the community. Axis is actively involved with numerous charitable and humanitarian efforts, not only in providing access to justice to those who need it, but aiding each charity’s mission to improve the benefits available to its citizens. 
Our clients are as diverse as our legal service offerings.  We have provided legal services to individuals,  high-profile multi-million dollar businesses,  family-owned shops, start-ups, and numerous others.  We value diversity not only among our clients but in the workplace.












The firm prides itself on its “Clients-First” approach – placing client relations and satisfaction as its top goal.

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Focus on Innovation



We are consistently commended on our innovative and creative approaches to legal services.

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Relentless Advocacy



We go above and beyond in taking the steps necessary to get the job done right.

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Progressive Billing



Ready to leave the billable hour? Read about our progressive approach to billing and flat fee options.

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Specialized Experience



Our network of Of Counsel provide specialized expertise when needed in client engagements.

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Our Philosophy



Read about our “Clients First” philosophy and commitment to excellence in legal professionalism.

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Unique Approach



From our holistic approach to legal engagements, focus on clients, results, and solutions, Axis is one of a kind.

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Fueling Growth



Partnering with clients to fuel growth and overcome challenges from one legal matter to the next.

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Solid Experience



Axis brings solid knowledge and experience to the table and works with clients to find creative, strategic, and cost-effective solutions.

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Social Responsibility



Read about our pledge to social responsibility, green businesses, and charity in the Los Angeles community.

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Long Term Partnership



Driven to the pursuit of excellence in the law, our focus is on building relationships with clients for life.

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Access to Justice



Learn about our Access to Justice program for modest-means clients and reduced fee legal services.

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