After several bouts of erratic behavior, including charges of shoplifting and DUI, Amanda Bynes’ parents filed to gain control of her estate.  Now the couple is planning a move to a different state and seeking to have the conservatorship split with a third party.

The former child star has been in the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons over the course of the past few years.  Bynes has had numerous run ins with the law and has shown some disturbing behaviors in public and on social media that resulted in a temporary psychiatric hold and multiple appearances in court.

The conservatorship seemed like a logical step as Bynes was clearly having issues, but the former actress has been very vocal regarding her displeasure with how her estate has been handled.  Complaints have gone out on social media about how her parents are keeping her money and assets under such tight lock and key that she can’t afford a place to live or other life essentials.

Bringing in a private fiduciary may be the best solution for both Bynes and her parents.  The impartial third party might be able to evaluate the situation with a clear perspective and allocate funds and assets in such a way that everyone involved is happy.

This isn’t the first time a legal conservatorship resulted in one or both parties becoming unsatisfied.  Controlling someone’s estate can pose a variety of challenges on one side of the equation and not having access to what you feel is rightfully yours can cause plenty of frustration and animosity on the other side.

If you have questions on what is involved in setting up and running a legal conservatorship you need to reach out to an experienced professional.  A qualified attorney can provide you with detailed information on the steps that need to be taken to begin, dissolve or transfer a legal conservatorship in the state of California.