bynesFormer child star Amanda Bynes has made the news again – and unfortunately, it isn’t a feel good recovery story that fans might have been hoping for.  Bynes, who is 28 now, was recently stopped by police for suspicion of DUI.  What makes matters worse for the former child actor is that she is still on probation from a series of run ins with police dating back to 2012 that included another DUI, reckless driving and other lesser offenses.

In this latest incident, Bynes was stopped in the middle of the night (around three a.m.) by police after driving erratically and running a red light and a stop sign.  The officer administered a field sobriety test, which Bynes could not complete, before he transported her to the police station for a toxicology exam.

It could take up to two months for the results of the toxicology exam to come in, but this certainly doesn’t appear to be the best situation for the former Nickelodeon starlet.  She made her way through the series of previous charges without any jail time but if she continues to have run ins with the law it will only be a matter of time before she finds herself behind bars for what could be an extended period.

It isn’t unusual at all for a first time offender to receive probation, fines and mandatory counseling in lieu of jail time.  When that person continues to commit offenses after having received a break though, the court system can come down pretty hard and the ensuing punishments can be severe.