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California Court of Appeal Shuts Down Machine Zone’s Attempts to Learn Identity of Scathing Anonymous Glassdoor Reviewer

What can a business do about an anonymous review that reveals extremely sensitive and damaging information on a public review site about the inner workings of a business, its investment activities and funding, the personalities of its leadership, and its operations? Absolutely nothing, says the California Court of Appeals, and a new decision recently issued a [...]

Keurigs, Kindergarteners, and a Startup

Axis recently donated to the Pine Ridge Elementary School in Stone Mountain, Georgia, to help purchase the equipment needed for Ms. Woods' kindergarten class to practice entrepreneurship.  Pretty amazing goals! Pine Ridge Elementary is in a low-income/poverty school district, and its students are bombarded with challenges that interfere with some progress in the classroom. However,  regardless [...]

New Indoor Recess Games for Indiana Students

Brrr! Those Indiana winters can be cold and not very much fun during recess!  Axis recently helped purchase indoor recess games for Mrs. Wehmeier's elementary students in Indiana. Mrs. Wehmeier's class is near the Indianapolis, Indiana area, as a charter school under the Indiana Department of Education, and is categorized in an area of  "Highest [...]

“Rock Club” is Here to Stay!

Axis recently donated to the Emerson Elementary School in Lakewood, Ohio, by helping purchase instruments for the school to play in "Rock Club," which puts on a concert every hear for the entire school community. Emerson Elementary is near a large metropolitan area, and more than half of the students live in poverty and receive [...]

A New Trombone for Middle School Concert Band Musician

Axis recently donated to a South Carolina middle school by purchasing a new trombone for a musician without an instrument.  Mrs. Cantrell's middle school is a Title I school in a rural area of South Carolina, and this year, all of its students received free breakfasts and lunches. There are over 400 students currently enrolled in [...]

Basics of Non-Disclosure Agreements

An Overview of Non-Disclosure Agreements in California and What They Should Contain A non-disclosure agreement, also known as a confidentiality agreement or “NDA,” can be an important part of doing business in California, throughout the nation, and internationally. A non-disclosure agreement is an agreement by which two parties agree that the information they share with [...]

New Books for Rockaway Park’s Middle School Students

Axis recently donated to New York uniformed preparatory school, consisting of middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12) located in Rockaway Park, New York. The school is one of the most ethnically diverse schools in Queens. The Our students come from a variety of different economic backgrounds with over 60% of our students receiving [...]

Art Supplies for Native American Art Projects

Axis recently donated to the Astatula Elementary School in Astatula, Florida, to help purchase resources for the young artists to explore Native American art, culture and literacy including resources, game and symbol poster, as well as ceramic materials. Astatula Elementary School is a "High Poverty" school, and the students consisted of artists ranging from pre-kindergarten through [...]

The Rare Taxpayer Win: California Court of Appeals Rules Passive Investment in California Entity Does Not Constitute “Doing Business” in California

In a rare move in the favor of taxpayers, the California Court of Appeal recently issued a decision determining that passive business owners actually do not need to pay taxes to the California Franchise Board if the business is located out of state. Everyone knows about the California Franchise Tax Board's dreaded $800 minimum annual fee [...]

Top Tax Tips for California Small Businesses

"I don't care about tax savings. I want to pay the IRS more than what I actually owe," said no business owner ever. Let's face it - becoming knowledgeable about tax saving tips and implementing tax minimization strategies can be some of the most important steps to save yourself from feeling as though you are handling [...]