Axis Legal Counsel has been retained to defend an individual sued for defamation over the writing of an online review.  AXIS Legal Counsel represents clients in numerous types of defamation matters, including individual disputes, business defamation, online defamation, libel, bullying, internet slander, cyberbullying, online slander,  internet defamation, false customer reviews, slander, and issuing aggressive takedown demands to websites hosting defamatory content. Axis’ managing attorney Rabeh M. A. Soofi is ranked as one of the “Top Women Lawyers of Southern California” by SuperLawyers, and counsels clients in need of legal counsel for defamation, slander, and libel matters.

For information on retaining AXIS Legal Counsel to represent you with respect to slander, libel, or defamation,  contact or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation, or visit our Defamation & Slander Practice Area, or Individual Rights Portal for more information.