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 Axis Legal Counsel Reviews 

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Read what our past clients have to say about our services and philosophy:

First of all, let me say thanks so very much for the comprehensive review and the explanations that you provided. I am a fan of the AV document review– it was terrific! Thanks so much Rabeh!

Rabeh, Great work.  All looks good and I’m excited to get this  moving ASAP.  I would love to continue working with you.  Thank you so much!

Rabeh, I read through everything, and it all looks great to me. Thank you again, and wonderful working with you!

Dear Rabeh, I had some moments to talk about all the process of this deal with the client and on set and we are all impressed with your work and we really appreciate you!   Thank you very much. You are the BEST!!!!

Rabeh, thank you, this was very thorough, and I appreciate you.

October 26, 2017 –  Thank you for explaining the process! You were calm, clear, and our favorite attorney  dealt with to date.

Thank you Rabeh. You’ve been amazing. Love your work.

Beautiful work! Thank you for the review, adjustments and notes. It’s a pleasure working with you.

I could not have selected a better, more efficient, more professional and caring attorney such as yourself.  God is great and I am forever grateful that you are the one representing and basically calling the shots for a prosperous future life for me and my children. Thanks again Rabeh and keep up the amazing work! God bless you.

Thank you so much for your assistance regarding this matter. Your advice was greatly appreciated and we hope this issue is resolved sooner than later. If we need to seek further legal counsel, we will contact you. Thanks again!

Thank You Rabeh for everything you’ve done for me. I’m forever grateful!!

Rabeh Soofi is a trusted legal expert and contact of mine.  I’ve worked with Rabeh on a number of cases over the past several years, each with a successful outcome and enjoyable experience. She also has earned a reputation for being one of the top women lawyers in Southern California through the domestic and int’l cases she has led for clients.

Thank you for your excellent counsel. We feel so lucky to have met you and intend to have a long and prosperous relationship with you and Axis Legal.

I am a serial entrepreneur in Los Angeles and have hired over 20 law firms for my diversified companies within the last decade. Ms. Soofi has provided better council than any full service international law firm I have retained. She provides aggressive professional services and makes me feel comfortable throughout the legal process. She has a diversified skill set encompassing (but not limited to) litigation, IP, entertainment, corporate compliance, HR, Private equity and venture capital. Ms. Soofi has high ethical standards and makes paying for legal services transparent and frictionless. I feel very fortune to have met her and I look forward to a long term professional relationship. I can’t speak highly enough of her and I recommend her to anyone with high standards.

So grateful I found Axis this year and want to thank you again for your amazing representation this year when I was closing my development deal for my series.

Thank you again for everything!! You are a reminder that there still are great people in this world 🙂

Rabeh, I want you to know that I will forever be grateful to you and for everything you have done by me and by my family. Again thank you so much!

I have had the great pleasure and privilege of using the services of this amazing attorney. The entertainment business is a layered and nuanced industry and I cannot think of a better person to maneuver in this complex field.

Rabeh is a godsend. She is aggressive and fights for clients. She helped me with my case and took care of me from A to Z. Cannot recommend highly enough!!!

Rabeh is without a doubt the best lawyer I have ever hired. She is extremely smart, aggressive, and compassionate. So relieved and happy we found her.

Rabeh is really excellent at knowing the law and explaining it in a very easy to understand manner. I have no experience with the legal industry, and I am very thankful that i found her because I have heard there are a lot of bad lawyers out there who can really take advantage of you.

Wonderful lawyer. Honest and actually cares about the people she represents above all else. Very please and happy I found her!

Rabeh is hands down, an amazing lawyer. She was hired to help us with an entertainment business company, and I have to say – I have never met a more honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable lawyer.

I am so happy we found Attorney Soofi. She is maybe the most honest and hardworking person I ever hired. She was kind and has a huge heart and I feel like we have a protector for life. I never had anyone stick up for me and my rights as much as she did.

Once I hired Rabeh my life became more easy. She showed a great compassion and was far greater than many attorneys I spoke with. She’s one of those attorneys that when you get a bill you feel she undercharged you. The end. She’s worth it.

Rabeh was there for me every step of the way. She made everything simple and as stress free as she could, and transferring to her was far easier than i imagined. My case was a challenge, but it had depth and meaning and Rabeh recognized this early on. She is not just an attorney who comes in to argue the technical legalities, she is a true advocate.

Rabeh ended up obtaining a settlement figure 4-5 times higher than the previous firm i hired. She was professional, tactful, genuine, and SUCCESSFUL. I highly recommend Rabeh for your legal advocate.

Rabeh, thank you again for your brilliant review and comprehension of this incredibly complicated matter. Thank you also for explaining it clearly to me. I will take all these items you’ve mentioned into consideration. Thank you so much. I can’t thank you enough.

Rabeh, you are an amazing attorney. Thanks so much for representing me.

Rabeh, I cannot thank you enough for the extremely thorough and thoughtful insights you’ve provided. I am so glad we sought out your counsel in this matter…

Ms. Soofi, I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart and soul and thank you very much for your patience and your wonderful service, through these months with us. I mostly thank you very much for your caring personality!

Dearest Lawyer Soofi, Thank you so much for your HARD work and effort. You are an awesome lawyer I’ve ever meet. Thank you again.

Rabeh, I must say that we’ve been very impressed with your work and so very grateful for this outcome. We value your professionalism and have been delighted by your attitude and your masterful efforts on our behalf!

Rabeh, Thank you for helping me with all my past legal challenges. You are the best (and smartest) attorney I’ve ever met! Im so grateful for you 😉

Thank you for your time, understanding and diligence in this matter Rabeh, as well as explaining things to me in detail along the way. I truly appreciate it, and will contact you whenever we need revisions or legal help in the future.

Rabeh, Thank you very much for helping with this contract. Your analysis and explanation made it much easier for me to feel comfortable with the contract. I will certainly not hesitate to call on your services should I so need them, or to recommend them to others in need. Once again, thank you.

Rabeh – you are the best. These revisions are just right and I appreciate your responses to my questions below – I feel a lot more comfortable sending this across. Our many thanks to you for all your counsel.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done for my family and me! You are a blessing in our lives. I wish you all the best…

Rabeh, you are an amazing attorney. Thanks so much for representing me.

Gave up hope there for a second on it – Thank you Rabeh for really fighting for me!

I have never met such a super lawyer, who is very compassionate, diligent, and knowledgeable in her fields.  She delivers results effectively and promptly.  Our HOA complex had been ridden with corruptions over 20 years, and it was God’s answers to our prayers to find Ms. Soofi to help us fix all these corruptions and guide us to fire the former management company, which managed our complex for over 20+ years, and had been leaching on our association’s funds and left our complex at the worst shape F- condition.  We are very thankful to Ms. Soofi for her legal guidance and to assist us in correcting all legal issues that we are facing.

I found Rabeh to have a knowledgeable understanding of the laws as she was able to clearly explain to me how best to proceed and what the options were. Rabeh is one of the few lawyers I have worked in the past that really listens and you feel has your best interests in mind. She clearly has compassion for clients, and is honest in a way that I have never had prior lawyers be with me. I was happy with the outcome and recommend her highly.

Fantastic lawyer.  I hired her to help with a legal matter involving an entertainment dispute with an independent label.  It was ugly and emotional because it became clear we were totally taken advantage of by the other side.  Rabeh is great at what she does and beyond that, a decent person with a lot of compassion.  I wish there was a way to give 10 stars.

Ms. Soofi is the best, she was very aggressive in representing me against a very well known corporation and she was compasionate towards me. I HIGHLY recommend her. She does deserve a 10 star rating. She does deliver results effectively and promptly and she was God’s answer to my prayers. I’m very thankful to her for her assistance in helping me win the legal battle.

She was the only one that had my back.

She’s such a great attorney, she’s fair and cares about her clients. She was there for me every step of the way. She made everything simple and stress free. She is a true advocate, she understands what the client is going through, she does know how to negotiate and  she’s very professional, tactful, genuine and amazing,

I can’t speak highly enough about her, I have dealt with other attorneys before her and she’s the best. Rabeh is as tough as nails and I’m lucky I found her.

Rabeh is one of the few lawyers I have worked in the past that really listens and you feel has your best interests in mind. She clearly has compassion for clients, and is honest in a way that I have never had prior lawyers be with me. I was happy with the outcome and recommend her highly.

Wonderful lawyer. Honest and actually cares about the people she represents above all else. Very please and happy I found her!

Ms.Soofi Is a great Attorney. She has been instrumental in helping my family solve our legal troubles. Her knowledge and expertise provided a swift resolution to our inquiry.I would highly recommend Ms. Soofi because she is fair-minded and cares about her clients.

BEYOND AMAZING!!!! I cannot speak highly enough about Rabeh. I have dealt with lawyers before, and I have never met a lawyer who was as smart and no-B.S. She is as tough as nails but is so caring towards clients. I feel so lucky that I found her!!!

** Testimonials should not be viewed as guarantees or predictions of success in your case. Each case is unique.