AXIS Legal Counsel is representing a minority shareholder in a shareholder rights dispute involving a major California and international apparel/merchandise company.

AXIS Legal Counsel represents shareholders in shareholder disputes with corporations, LLCs, partnerships, S corporations, and joint ventures. Shareholder disputes can involve “freeze-outs,” “squeeze-outs,” breaches of fiduciary duty, termination of employment, unequal access to profits, shutting a shareholder out of the business of the company, raiding corporate assets, and refusing to turnover information.

If you are a shareholder, member, partner, or other owner of a business that is in need of an attorney to assist with a dispute involving the majority owners, shareholders, members, or partners, please contact AXIS.

Axis’ managing attorney Rabeh M. A. Soofi is ranked as one of the “Top Women Lawyers of Southern California” by SuperLawyers Rising Stars, and is a Los Angeles shareholder dispute attorney representing minority shareholders and members in business disputes throughout Los Angeles and California.

For information on retaining AXIS Legal Counsel to represent your company in  a business dispute, contact or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation.