beyonceA Los Angeles paparazzi / celebrity photography company Marvix Photographs has filed suit in the California central court for copyright infringement involving a photograph of a  pregnant Beyonce Knowles four years ago.   According to the suit filed, the Atlanta-based gossip website used these photos and Marvix received no compensation for them. Marvix licenses photos to many websites and they are seeking damages due to, what they believe is, unauthorized use of their copyrighted material.

The suit seeks compensatory damages as they contend profited from these pictures and they willfully infringed on their rights. The photos do show Beyonce looking away as if she is not aware of being filmed, and they include her husband and small child. Marvix is asking for statutory damages in addition to compensation and that could get them an additional $750,000. They have copyright registration numbers that were obtained within the ninety days of acquiring the photos so it would seem they have a strong case.

At present the true identity of all the principals of “Sandra Rose” are not known. The complaint does include one name at present – Sandra Rose Kendricks – a resident of the Atlanta area. The plaintiffs request when any other names of owners or officers are discovered that they be included in court documents going forward.

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