The Kern County School District in the State of California has come under serious fire for allegations of long term racial discrimination against black and Hispanic families.  The lawsuit revolves around heavy suspension and expulsion rates of students of color dating back to 2011 as well as the district reassigning black and Hispanic students to alternate schools that hampered their ability to excel in academics.

The racial bias allegations for Kern County schools date back to 2011, when the school had the highest rate of expulsion for any school district in the state.  Legal representatives also allege that, along with the astoundingly high number of black and Hispanic students who were banished from Kern County schools, that there were even more who were shipped off to alternative schools that were so far away that they couldn’t attend.

Despite a reduction in expulsion rates since the initial allegations three years ago, there hasn’t been any reduction in the rates of enrollment in alternative schools in the area.  This has lead groups involved to question whether Kern County officials are trying to address the problem of racial bias or just push more students of color out of the district without officially deeming it expulsion.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that Kern County District actions have hindered their ability to get an education by cutting them off from interactions with staff, limiting their involvement in school activities and labeling them as problem students.  The lawsuit also alleges that the district has failed to adopt new state instituted discipline practices which aim to handle student issues without removing the students from school.


If you feel as though you have been treated unfairly by your school or work due to your race, religion or sexual preference you need to seek legal help immediately.  These institutions need to provide a place that is safe and free of discrimination and an experience California attorney can fight to help ensure that your rights are upheld at school or in the workplace.

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