Candy Spelling

Candy Spelling, Tori Spelling’s mother, has filed a lawsuit suing an auction company, Theriault’s, alleging she was ripped off in the contract she signed with them to sell her extensive doll collection. 

Spelling, self described as a “social commentator, socialite, and philanthropist” alleges that she  gave the extensive doll collection to Theriault’s for sale, but that they cannot account for what has been sold, unsold, and how much is due to Spelling.  Spelling fired them and cancelled the contract, demanding return of the unsold dolls, and alleges that Theriault’s refuses to return them. 


According to the lawsuit papers, “Spelling entrusted Theriault’s with possession of the Spelling Collection for the sole and limited purpose of conducting professional auctions featuring the Spelling Collection. However, after receiving possession of the Spelling Collection, Theriault’s repeatedly failed to provide Spelling with timely and complete accounting of what items had been sold at auction, what items remained unsold and the correct amount owed to Spelling based on the sale of her property. 

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Spelling’s suit alleges that Theriault’s not only breached the contract, but also of “conversion,” which is legalese for theft.  Spelling is asking for $500,000 in damages, punitive damages, interest, and any other relief the judge may award. 

There are some pictures of Spelling’s doll collection available online. As the pictures show, “vintage” apparently does not always mean “desirable.”