California Interview Questions – What Not to Ask

 Getting ready to interview employment candidates? What questions are illegal to ask? California has strict restrictions on what types of questions cannot be asked in an interview. The areas of "illegal" questions generally involve the background, ethnicity, religious, sexual orientation, maternity, gender-orientation, and other personal aspects of a candidate and the candidate's personal details. Our [...]

Paid Sick Leave Los Angeles California 2018 | Rules, Overview and FAQs

New 2018 Paid Sick Leave Rules for Los Angeles Businesses and Employees   *** Updated December 1, 2017  Effective July 1, 2017, all businesses in Los Angeles must abide by the City of Los Angeles' new mandatory paid sick leave requirements. Please read below for an overview of the new rules and how your business must comply. [...]

Multi-State Businesses: Which State’s Wage and Hour Laws Must be Followed?

This post was written in response to a request by a visitor.  Axis Legal Counsel regularly updates our FAQs to respond to visitor or client requests. To submit a question request, please use the form below.   To protect the privacy of submissions, we strip any identifying information from posts and on occasion, change/alter details.  Thanks and [...]

Top Tax Savings Tips When Paying Yourself as a Business Owner

How Should You be Paying Yourself as a Business Owner to Reduce Your and Your Business's Overall Tax Obligations? Our Guide Breaks Down the Details  Probably the most frequent question that small business owners ask their lawyers and accountants is “how should I be paying myself as a business owner” in a way that will allow [...]

Thinking of Hiring a Freelancer? Tips to Protect Your Business When Using Freelancers

It is common today for more and more businesses to hire freelancers instead of full or part-time employees. Hiring a freelancer, often referred to as an independent contractor, can make sense both financially and from a general business standpoint. Some of the benefits of hiring a freelancer include instant support and greater expertise for specific [...]

Top Tax Tips for California Small Businesses

"I don't care about tax savings. I want to pay the IRS more than what I actually owe," said no business owner ever. Let's face it - becoming knowledgeable about tax saving tips and implementing tax minimization strategies can be some of the most important steps to save yourself from feeling as though you are handling [...]

New California Ruling on Work Break Policies Will Affect Employers Statewide

New California Supreme Court Case Modifies Rest Break Rules for California Employers *** Updated as of February 1, 2017 The California Supreme Court has handed down a ruling on the issue of work break policies that will affect employers statewide. Effective immediately, the Court has ruled that permitting employees to be "on call" or "on [...]

A Major National Retailer Has Stolen Your Work, and You’ve Become a Victim of Copyright Infringement: What Do You Do Now?

Photo Credit: What you do when a major national department store engages in corporate theft and takes all of your art designs, decides to commercialize your work, without your knowledge, and then makes a ton of money selling its own products? Just ask Los Angeles indie artist Lili Chin. Chin recently sued [...]

Exempt or Non-Exempt: How to Determine Proper Exemption Status for your California Employees

Who is Exempt and Who is Non-Exempt?  The FLSA provides an exemption from both minimum wage and overtime requirements for employees employed as "white collar" employees, namely, executive, administrative, professional, and outside sales employees, as well as certain employees in computer-related occupations. To qualify for one of these exemptions, employees generally must meet certain tests [...]

Quiz: Is Your Business Unknowingly Violating California Labor Laws?

Is your business at risk for the top labor law violations most frequently made by California small businesses? California labor laws are notoriously difficult to follow and despised by business owners and employers across the state.   With hundreds of individual legal requirements, it can be difficult keeping it all straight. If you are concerned [...]

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