Thinking about an Offshore Bank Account? Is Offshore Banking Even Legal? The Basics of Setting up an Offshore Bank Account

Have you ever wondered whether you might benefit from having an offshore bank account? Taking steps to ensure that your assets are protected and do not fall victim to frivolous lawsuits are not only perfectly legal, they can be part of any asset protection strategy. Although the phrase “offshore banking” conjures up all types of negative [...]

MIT Scientists Identify Mathematics Behind Startup Success

Of the 600,000 businesses that startup each year in America, only 1/2 will survive to see their 4th anniversary. In a new study published in the journal Science, a duo of MIT economists argue that a handful of few key factors seem to be associated with the potential for success. They have developed a mathematical [...]

The Taxman Cometh: Tips for Navigating the Tax Consequences of Crowdfunding Money

Congratulations, your 2014 startup campaign was a HUGE success and you raked in gobs of money.  Now, with the new year here and tax return deadlines slowly approaching, will you be prepared to pay taxes on all those receipts? While crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for projects, ventures, films, music, or charities, most [...]

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