California Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy Sample Template

2018 California PTO (Paid Time Off) Sample Template Policy *** Updated January 10, 2018  PTO (Paid Time Off) is the term given to a type of leave used by employers that encompasses vacation time, personal time, and time used for various activities, including school meetings, parent-child events, care for sick family members, illnesses, or numerous [...]

California New Parent Leave Act 2018 Sample Policy Template, Rules, Overview and FAQs

2018 California New Parent Leave Act Los Angeles Businesses and Employees *** Updated December 1, 2017  Effective January 1, 2018, all businesses in Los Angeles must abide by California's New Parent Leave Act, a new law. Please read below for an overview of the new rules and how your business must comply. All businesses based [...]

California 2018 Employee Handbook

Need a California-compliant Employee Handbook? Our easy downloadable template covers all of the bases and will bring you in compliance with California's plethora of employment, wage, and hour laws with ease and speed. Updated for 2018 $99 Flat Fee | Download Now 50+ pages MS Word Format Fully customizable What's Included  Our professionally-prepared handbook covers [...]

California Interview Questions – What Not to Ask

 Getting ready to interview employment candidates? What questions are illegal to ask? California has strict restrictions on what types of questions cannot be asked in an interview. The areas of "illegal" questions generally involve the background, ethnicity, religious, sexual orientation, maternity, gender-orientation, and other personal aspects of a candidate and the candidate's personal details. Our [...]

Paid Sick Leave Los Angeles California 2018 | Rules, Overview and FAQs

New 2018 Paid Sick Leave Rules for Los Angeles Businesses and Employees   *** Updated December 1, 2017  Effective July 1, 2017, all businesses in Los Angeles must abide by the City of Los Angeles' new mandatory paid sick leave requirements. Please read below for an overview of the new rules and how your business must comply. [...]

New California Employment Laws 2018

Mandatory Update Required: New California Employment Laws taking Effect January 1, 2018  *** Updated as of December 1, 2017  *** Need information about California's new employment laws for 2018? In less than 30 days, California will be enacting a series of new employment laws requiring mandatory updates for all businesses in California or with California [...]

Can a California Employer Ask Job Applicants to Disclose Criminal History?

New California Laws Severely Restrict Inquiries about Job Applicants’ Criminal History 2018 Edition *** Updated December 1, 2017 - Is your business still asking applicants about their criminal history in making hiring decisions? California state law and municipal regulations continue to expand “ban the box” laws, which restrict an employer's ability to ask about an [...]

Tips from Tesla’s Elon Musk: Should You Test How Useful Your Employees Are to Your Business?

Credit: Wikipedia In a biography of Elon Musk written back in 2015, there is a story about how Musk stopped working with his longtime executive assistant. Apparently,  after she asked for a raise, he responded by testing whether she was truly useful to him or not. According to the biography, Musk's assistant Mary [...]

Thinking of Hiring a Freelancer? Tips to Protect Your Business When Using Freelancers

It is common today for more and more businesses to hire freelancers instead of full or part-time employees. Hiring a freelancer, often referred to as an independent contractor, can make sense both financially and from a general business standpoint. Some of the benefits of hiring a freelancer include instant support and greater expertise for specific [...]

How to Deal with Overly Political Employees

Between all of the protests, marches, twitter debates, and late show sketches, 2017 has thus far been a turbulent time for politics, regardless of your political orientation, party, or viewpoint, or those of colleagues, employees, and coworkers. Most businesses, however, would prefer that office staff focus on work and leave politics at home. But when news is [...]

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