Could Your LLC Save on Taxes by Converting to an S Corp?

As an LLC owner, one of the things that you should think about is whether the business should remain an LLC, or whether your business would benefit from changing its corporate structure to something else, such as an S Corp. If you’re thinking of the disadvantages and advantages of changing the corporate structure of your [...]

Is an Officer of a Corporation An Employee?

► Business & Startups FAQs | Knowledge Base One of the top questions we get in the area of corporate governance is whether an officer of a corporation is an employee. Such a common question should have a very easy answer, right? So why is it so hard to get a straight answer on this? The [...]

Tips from Tesla’s Elon Musk: Should You Test How Useful Your Employees Are to Your Business?

Credit: Wikipedia In a biography of Elon Musk written back in 2015, there is a story about how Musk stopped working with his longtime executive assistant. Apparently,  after she asked for a raise, he responded by testing whether she was truly useful to him or not. According to the biography, Musk's assistant Mary [...]

Thinking of Hiring an Influencer to Help Promote Your Business or its Products and Services? Here’s What Your Influencer Agreement Should Look Like:

Hiring an influencer can be a very effective marketing strategy depending on your business. Getting a social media celebrity involved in your company's business development goals isn't just for large blue-chip companies anymore. This strategy can actually deliver a return on investment for all levels of marketers. According to RhythmOne's Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report and [...]

California Court of Appeal Shuts Down Machine Zone’s Attempts to Learn Identity of Scathing Anonymous Glassdoor Reviewer

What can a business do about an anonymous review that reveals extremely sensitive and damaging information on a public review site about the inner workings of a business, its investment activities and funding, the personalities of its leadership, and its operations? Absolutely nothing, says the California Court of Appeals, and a new decision recently issued a [...]

The Rare Taxpayer Win: California Court of Appeals Rules Passive Investment in California Entity Does Not Constitute “Doing Business” in California

In a rare move in the favor of taxpayers, the California Court of Appeal recently issued a decision determining that passive business owners actually do not need to pay taxes to the California Franchise Board if the business is located out of state. Everyone knows about the California Franchise Tax Board's dreaded $800 minimum annual fee [...]

Lessons from Taylor and Kanye: Can Your Business Record Phone Calls?

Photo Credit: The public dispute between Taylor Swift and Kanye West over the lyrics to West's "Famous" single has re-ignited legal discussion over California's Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA), which governs who can record a call and for what purposes. The legal issues arising out of Kanye's call recording may have made [...]

Can a Business Delete a Yelp Review?

So you got a bad yelp review for your business. It's probably not a big deal if you have thousands of reviews, but this can be pretty damaging when you are just starting out and have a minimal amount of reviews. One bad review can really hurt! Deleting the bad review to maintain your business’ reputation would [...]

Can a Business Win the Lottery?

You hear business coworkers winning the lottery through their work pools all the time, but can the business itself enter and win the lottery in your state? Check out the results of our investigation below. State Law Rules Refer to Individuals The states each vary on regulations on their state lotteries. It is common to [...]

Can a Company Have Two Presidents?

One of the top questions we get from new business owners or established businesses making changes in management structure is whether a company can have two presidents. Although there is nothing technically barring a company from sharing the responsibilities of president between two people, there are legal and practical reasons why this is not always [...]

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