A Major National Retailer Has Stolen Your Work, and You’ve Become a Victim of Copyright Infringement: What Do You Do Now?

Photo Credit: Corporate.kohls.com What you do when a major national department store engages in corporate theft and takes all of your art designs, decides to commercialize your work, without your knowledge, and then makes a ton of money selling its own products? Just ask Los Angeles indie artist Lili Chin. Chin recently sued [...]

Tips on Protecting Fabric and Fashion Designs from Infringement

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” so the saying goes – unless you are in the fashion industry and wake up one morning to find a major department store or fashion house has completely copied your ideas or products and is now making major money selling them. What can you do to protect your [...]

Unpaid Wages and Labor Law Violations Rampant in Los Angeles Fashion District

Fashion is a highly competitive industry where workers are often forced to produce high quality products in less than favorable conditions.  While the facilities in the garment district in southern California may not look like stereotypical “sweat shops,” there are major concerns surrounding conditions and worker pay. During the course of labor department investigations of [...]

Feds Cracking Down on Los Angeles Fashion District Businesses

 Federal Authorities have officially handed down a new order that will require businesses in the Los Angeles Fashion District to report any cash transaction that involves $3,000.00 or more.  The order will be in place for the next six months and authorities hope that it will help prevent money laundering by the Colombian and Mexican [...]

Shoe Designer Takes on Louis Vuitton in Copyright Lawsuit

The man behind LVL XIII shoes has issued a formal complaint against international luxury goods retailer  Louis Vuitton alleging trademark infringement.   The lawsuit alleges that by copying a unique portion of his very popular design, that Louis Vuitton has in essence directly stolen his original design idea and represented it as their own.  LVL XIII uses [...]

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