Top 10 Must-Know Tips for Negotiating Your Publishing Agreement for Authors and Writers 

If you are an author or writer, and have been approached with a publishing agreement by a publisher, literary agent, or other publishing company, then congratulations - you've accomplished what  every writer aspires to achieve, and could be facing one of the most exciting developments in your literary career. Before you sign the documents, however, [...]

Larry Flynt Ordered to Pay Legal Fees after Loss in Lawsuits with Estranged Brother

A real estate issue between brothers turned into a legal battle leaving one member of the Flynt family responsible for paying hefty legal bills.  Jimmy Flynt, the estranged brother of Hustler magazine founder and publisher Larry Flynt, will receive more than $170,000.00 to cover the legal costs associated with his fight to keep from being [...]

Basics of Loan-Out Companies for Entertainers in Music, Film, TV, and Arts  

Nearly every celebrity, musician, artist, band, group, or other entertainment professional that you know has what is called a “loan out company,” by which their personal services are provided to the public at large. A loan-out corporation is essentially a company that is formed for the purposes of employing the entertainer, whether it is an actor, [...]

DOJ Sues E-Book Publishers for Price-Fixing and Antitrust Violations

The U.S. Dep't of Justice filed a lawsuit today accusing Apple and other e-book publishers of colluding to price-fix the cost of e-books, in violation of federal antitrust laws.  The antitrust suit was filed against Apple, Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Penguin, MacMillan, and Simon & Schuster. Three of the publishers have agreed to a settlement, [...]

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