Top Entertainment Lawyers Los Angeles – Where to Look and How to Find One

 Top Entertainment Lawyers Los Angeles Where to Look and How to Find One ? AXIS Legal Counsel's Entertainment Practice is designed to provide clients in California with reliable legal advise in connection with Music, TV, Film, Visual Arts, Literary, Photography, Fashion, and other Entertainment matters throughout California. Finding a top entertainment in Los Angeles can [...]

Groovesharrk Shut Down by UMG, Sony, and Warner in Court Infringement Lawsuit

Grooveshark, a music downloading service that was close to its tenth year of operation, has been shut down in a recent court action brought by large recording distributors. UMG, Sony Entertainment, and Warner Music Group, over copyright infringement claims. The settlement came after it appeared that the big record labels were seeking in excess of $700 million from Grooveshark [...]

Uptown Funk Ads Songwriter Credits … to Avoid Copyright Infringement Trouble?

Hit song “Uptown Funk,  written by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars among others, has recently had 5 more songwriters added to the song's credit notes, indicating some concerns about copyright attribution.  Some industry experts are speculating that the recent Pharrell Williams / Robin Thicke verdict may have some influence on the song’s writers and producers. In [...]

Justin Bieber Becomes Latest Victim of Excessive Force Injuries by Security Guards

8Justin Bieber is the latest victim of overly aggressive security guards.  At Coachella 2015, Bieber and members of his entourage and security staff in the V.I.P. area when they were allegedly involved in a scuffle with security. According to TMZ,  the pop music star was being escorted by a member of the Coachella staff to [...]

Who Owns the Rights to Master Tracks? Temple of the Dog Album in Lawsuit by Record Label

Temple of the Dog is at the center of a new lawsuit over the master tracks sole album is now the subject of a lawsuit filed by A&M Records. Ownership of the self-titled effort’s master tapes is being contested between the record label and Rajan Parashar, brother of late Temple of the Dog producer and [...]

Beyonce Photo at the Center of a Copyright Lawsuit

A Los Angeles paparazzi / celebrity photography company Marvix Photographs has filed suit in the California central court for copyright infringement involving a photograph of a  pregnant Beyonce Knowles four years ago.   According to the suit filed, the Atlanta-based gossip website used these photos and Marvix received no compensation for them. Marvix licenses photos to [...]

Author’s Infringement Lawsuit Against Warner Brothers Over “Gravity” Movie Goes Forward

A judge has ruled that author Tess Gerritsen will be allowed to re-file her complaint against Warner Bros Studios for breach of contract with new evidence.  Gerritsen claims that the production company’s 2013 blockbuster and Oscar award winning film Gravity is based on her book by the same name. The writer claims to have had [...]

Larry Flynt Ordered to Pay Legal Fees after Loss in Lawsuits with Estranged Brother

A real estate issue between brothers turned into a legal battle leaving one member of the Flynt family responsible for paying hefty legal bills.  Jimmy Flynt, the estranged brother of Hustler magazine founder and publisher Larry Flynt, will receive more than $170,000.00 to cover the legal costs associated with his fight to keep from being [...]

Beastie Boys Win Huge in Lawsuit Against Monster Energy Over Misuse of Music in Ads

The Beastie Boys waged legal war with Monster Energy and walked away more than a million dollars richer as a result. The lawsuit stems from Monster using advertisements which featured the bands’ songs as well as their images without the proper permission. The Beastie Boys allege that Monster created promotional material that included clips of [...]

Koean Pop Duo Threaten Copyright Infringement by “The Interview”

A popular Korean music duo is contemplating legal action after their song appeared in "The Interview"  without their permission. Representatives for the group say that they were in negotiations for their song to appear in the film, but that no agreement was ever reached and that they only found out their music was in the soundtrack [...]

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