Top Legal Issues in Film Production Law

Film Production Law: A Legal Guide for Filmmakers and Film Producers for Short Films, Feature Films, and Film Projects The legal and business issues that accompany film production can be daunting. Whether you are a filmmaker, producer, production company, or other film professional, we’ve prepared a guide to walk you through the issues that will come [...]

Author’s Infringement Lawsuit Against Warner Brothers Over “Gravity” Movie Goes Forward

A judge has ruled that author Tess Gerritsen will be allowed to re-file her complaint against Warner Bros Studios for breach of contract with new evidence.  Gerritsen claims that the production company’s 2013 blockbuster and Oscar award winning film Gravity is based on her book by the same name. The writer claims to have had [...]

Screenwriters’ Dealmaking Tips for Negotiating a Screenplay for a Film and Television Option/Purchase Agreement

Tips for Selling your Screenplay to Producers or Studios by Los Angeles Film and Entertainment Lawyer Rabeh Soofi  Breaking into the TV/Film industry by successfully selling a screenplay is no joke.  With all of the time and effort it takes to develop, write, and polish an audience-ready script, it is just as challenging getting the script [...]

How to Legally Sample Music

Overview of the Music Sampling Process and Tips for Success in Getting Sample Clearances  How to avoid copyright infringement claims when sampling music. Photo Credit: Robin Thicke/Pharrell Williams. Every musician, musical act, or performer gets their start performing other people's works first, before composing and recording their own. With the use of sampling [...]

Basics of Loan-Out Companies for Entertainers in Music, Film, TV, and Arts  

Nearly every celebrity, musician, artist, band, group, or other entertainment professional that you know has what is called a “loan out company,” by which their personal services are provided to the public at large. A loan-out corporation is essentially a company that is formed for the purposes of employing the entertainer, whether it is an actor, [...]

Trademark Violation Complaint Filed Against Oprah Winfrey Over “Wing-Men” Show

An entrepreneur has officially filed a trademark lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey and her OWN network suggesting that Winfrey is using his trademark to promote a new show.  Rick Smiciklas is suggesting that OWN’s use of the title “Wingmen” for an upcoming show could cause confusion and do potential harm to the success of his own similarly [...]

Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda Bollea Sued for Unpaid Wages by Former Boyfriend

Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda Bollea has been hit with a lawsuit by her former fiancé, who is seeking over $1 million for performing manual labor for her, without compensation, during their relationship. According to the lawsuit papers, Linda made her former boy-toy Charlie Hill wax her yacht, dig a creek, fertilize acres of avocado trees, pull [...]

Travolta Sued Again – This Time for Libel

Sued Again John Travolta and his attorney Martin Singer have been sued for libel by Robert Randolph, author of the book “You’ll Never Spa in this Town Again.” Randolph’s book was allegedly about his gay encounters with Travolta. Randolph accuses Travolta and Singer of spreading false statements about his mental health to discredit the book. Apparently, Singer, on behalf of Travolta, had written a letter to a gossip blog about the book, presumably to prevent the blog from publishing content about it. Randolph accuses the letter of being libelous. […]

David Cassidy Lawsuit Against Sony Over Partridge Family Royalties Still Brewing

David Cassidy’s lawsuit against Sony over royalties from the Partridge Family shows no signs of slowing down.   Right now, Sony & Cassidy are arguing about whether the case should be tried to a jury, or decided by an arbitrator. The biggest drawback to arbitration is that an arbitrator, who is not  a  judge, has total control in deciding the outcome of the cases.  Unlike a court or jury trial, arbitrations cannot be appealed.  Further, in arbitrations, under certain circumstances, the party who wins can ask for their attorneys’ fees — which is the opposite of the American justice system, which does not adopt the “loser pays” rule.     Apparently, because Cassidy once signed an agreement with Sony that included an arbitration provision, Sony is asking the court to dismiss the case and compel arbitration.   […]

“Hydra Executives” Reality TV Show’s Hannah Dodkin Files Lawsuit for $1 Million Prize Against Beverly Hills Architect Richard Best

UK-domiciled Hanna Dodkin, the "winner" of former reality TV show "Hydra Executives" has filed a lawsuit in California federal court alleging that she was deprived of the $1,000,000 prize money.  According to reports, she and a fellow contender, Beverly Hills architect Richard Best, "both won" the prize, but the money was not given to Dodkin, and instead, given [...]

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