A Major National Retailer Has Stolen Your Work, and You’ve Become a Victim of Copyright Infringement: What Do You Do Now?

Photo Credit: Corporate.kohls.com What you do when a major national department store engages in corporate theft and takes all of your art designs, decides to commercialize your work, without your knowledge, and then makes a ton of money selling its own products? Just ask Los Angeles indie artist Lili Chin. Chin recently sued [...]

Commerce Clause and the Resale Art Market: California Artists May Soon Lose Right to Resale Royalties

California's fine artists may soon be losing the right to resale royalties under the California Resale Royalties Act.  The federal court for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals seemed to be persuaded to strike down the law during an April 8, 2014 hearing on a court case challenging the Resale Royalties Act. The case was brought in [...]

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