Can a Business Cut Your Credit Card?

Remember seeing in television and movies, credit cards would be cut whenever it was discovered declined when a customer tried to use it at the cashier? If a credit card is declined or a response code is given when running one at your business, you may be wondering, can a business cut your credit card? [...] Sued in Class Action over Deceptive Advertising

The internet dating service has many ads claiming they are the best place to meet your match. Now they have been taken to court over what has been described as deceptive advertising. A class action suit in California Federal Court has been filed by Mr. Zeke Graf who is claiming that the user [...]

Target Paying $4 Million to Settle False Advertising Class Action in California

Target, one of the largest retailers in the US, has come under scrutiny again – but this time it will cost them.  The retail giant will be forced to pay a $3.9 million dollar settlement as a result of a class action lawsuit that claims false advertising. The lawsuit, filed in California, alleges that Target [...]

The Top Diet Scams of 2015

Every new year, a significant number of Americans resolve to trim off weight, lose love-handles, and tone up less-than-firm trouble spots. Although doctors have said for years that there is no shortcut to the long and annoying process of losing weight by cutting calories and increasing activity, there has never been a shortage of wacky [...]

CVS Settles Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

A California judge has agreed to the terms of a settlement between CVS and more than 600 pharmacists over unpaid overtime wages.  This is the first of six similar lawsuits in the state of California and will see the plaintiffs receive a combined 2.8 million dollars to cover the overtime hours in question. This lawsuit [...]

Class Action Against LinkedIn for Spamming Moves Forward

Popular professional networking site LinkedIn has come under fire for their aggressive  e-mail tactics.  The company has become known for inviting and re-inviting existing member’s contacts to join – and despite a motion to dismiss, they will now face a class action suit for spamming. The plaintiffs in the case allege that LinkedIn, having completely [...]

Class Action Settlement in Lawsuit Against Visa and Mastercard Approved

A class action lawsuit filed against major credit cards companies MasterCard and Visa, originally settled back in 2010, has seen revisions to take additional claims into account.  The revision to the settlement doesn’t affect the total amount to be paid by the credit cards companies but will revise the release of claims in accordance with [...]

Herbalife Settles Class Action Lawsuit; Agrees to Pay Millions and Change Policies

Health supplement giant Herbalife avoided a lengthy legal battle, and much of the negative publicity that would go along with it, by agreeing to a settlement in a class action suit.  The lawsuit, filed by a former distributor of Herbalife, claimed that the manufacturer’s policies and practices were akin to that of a pyramid scheme. [...]

Class Action Settlement Coming Soon for Defective Bosch and Siemens Washing Machines Affected by Mold, Mildew and Bacteria

BSH Home Appliances has agreed to a settlement in a case that alleges production and distribution of defective products.  Plaintiffs allege that the appliance company put a defective and potentially dangerous product out to market and that they failed to inform consumers of the defect and potential risk. BSH Home Appliances manufactures Bosch and Siemens [...]

Home Depot Sued for Data Breaches in Multiple Privacy Class Actions

Lawsuits are piling up across the country against Home Dept following a data breach that plaintiffs allege could have easily been prevented.  There are now more than 20 federal lawsuits pending against Home Depot – and that number could continue to climb before the lawsuits are granted class action status by the courts. Plaintiffs in [...]

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