Form Minutes

1.         Name of corporation: 2.         Date and time of meeting: 3.         Place of meeting: 4.         Type of meeting: [ ] Regular [ ] Special 5.         Meeting held pursuant to: [ ] Written notice (attach copy) [ ] Oral notice [ ] Date and location fixed by bylaws or otherwise (no [...]

Sample Checklist for Approval of Transactions with Interested Directors/Officers

 Before board meeting: Identify interested director's material financial interest and ascertain whether the transaction falls within any exceptions. Gather material facts for disclosure to the board about the proposed transaction and the director's interest. Appoint disinterested person or committee to investigate possible reasonable alternatives for report to board. At board meeting: Disclose all material facts [...]

Entity Comparison – What Should You Form?

A comparison of the  tax advantages and disadvantages of a corporations versus  sole proprietorships, partnerships, LPs, LLCs, and LLPs:     Corporation Sole Proprietor / Partnership / LLC / LLP Borrowing from retirement plan permitted Yes, subject to certain limitations No Retirement plan contribution limited to earnings from business for which plan was established No [...]

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