Having Trouble Getting Investor Funding For Your Startup? Here are Some Tips.

You have a great concept, a great team,  and are prepared to quit your day job and do anything to get your startup off the ground. The problem is, not a single soul seems to be interested in investing in your startup. Maybe months have gone by without hearing back from a single angel, investor [...]

Help! My Startup Is Going Nowhere. What am I Doing Wrong?

 You have a great idea. You are prepared to work to death. Maybe you have even assembled talented team. But no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get any funding or traction for your startup.  What are you doing wrong? Is this a sign your startup is doomed? Take a Step Back. Before you [...]

International Entrepreneurs: Can a Foreign Non-Citizen be a Founder of a New U.S. Startup?

California is home to the top two startup ecosystems in the world, Silicon Valley and the Los Angeles metro area.  Each year, thousands of foreign founders, entrepreneurs, and investors look for opportunities to participate in new California startups. One of the top questions foreign citizens often have involves the limits on what activities non-citizens can [...]

Thinking of Starting Your Own New Business? When to Quit your Day Job. 

Every day, thousands of people wonder whether it would be possible to make money on their own and leave behind 9-5 work. The reasons are almost always the same: wanting to leave the imprisonment of working in a cubicle, getting away from the stress of a toxic work environment, a bad boss, horrible coworkers, being able to [...]

The Taxman Cometh: Tips for Navigating the Tax Consequences of Crowdfunding Money

Congratulations, your 2014 startup campaign was a HUGE success and you raked in gobs of money.  Now, with the new year here and tax return deadlines slowly approaching, will you be prepared to pay taxes on all those receipts? While crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for projects, ventures, films, music, or charities, most [...]

Top 10 Most Expensive Intellectual Property Mistakes Made by Startups & Entrepreneurs

With every new business enterprise or venture, plans are constantly revised, changed, modified, and sometimes even completely scrapped in favor of a fresh start.  There is no way to avoid mistakes.  But when mistakes involve intellectual property matters, it can leave a lasting mark on a young startup that can be difficult to overcome.  Although start-ups are [...]

Why Incorporate in Delaware? Tips for your Startup or Business

As inescapable as the “incorporate in Delaware” mantra seems to be, few entrepreneurs and startups  actually know why Delaware is a favorable state of incorporation for new businesses. Moreover, for founders who are not sure whether they actually need to incorporate in Delaware, this article is intended to give an explanation of why Delaware is [...]

Sample Board Resolution Template (Unanimous Consent Without Meeting)

WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF __________________ WITHOUT MEETING     The undersigned, constituting all the members of the Board of Directors of ______________, a [state] Corporation ("Corporation"), take the following actions by this unanimous written consent:   WHEREAS, [Why you are doing what you are doing, i.e., “the Corporation is in need [...]

Form Minutes

1.         Name of corporation: 2.         Date and time of meeting: 3.         Place of meeting: 4.         Type of meeting: [ ] Regular [ ] Special 5.         Meeting held pursuant to: [ ] Written notice (attach copy) [ ] Oral notice [ ] Date and location fixed by bylaws or otherwise (no [...]

Entity Comparison – What Should You Form?

A comparison of the  tax advantages and disadvantages of a corporations versus  sole proprietorships, partnerships, LPs, LLCs, and LLPs:     Corporation Sole Proprietor / Partnership / LLC / LLP Borrowing from retirement plan permitted Yes, subject to certain limitations No Retirement plan contribution limited to earnings from business for which plan was established No [...]

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