December 1, 2016 Deadline for Employers Nationwide: Pay Salaried Employees at least $47,476 or Start Paying Overtime

New Update to Fair Labor Standards Act Requires Employers to Pay Salaried Employees a Minimum of $47,476 or Start Paying Overtime Starting December 1, 2016 Do you or someone you know make less than $47,476 per year as a salaried (non-hourly) employee? If you are, you are about to receive a major benefit thanks to new updates [...]

Your Company Missed a Paycheck and Didn’t Pay You… Now What?

Everyone looks forward to getting paid for all your hard work on pay day, but what do you do when your work doesn’t pay you when they are supposed to and misses payroll? It can happen once, or habitually, where your employer is constantly late in paying you.. What are your rights? What can you [...]

Did Your Employer Give you Notice of Your Rights to 6 Days of Paid Sick Leave Each Year?

Attention Los Angeles Employees: The City of Los Angeles has enacted new requirements for Paid Sick Leave affecting all employees effective July 1, 2016. Effective July 1, 2016, the City of Los Angeles doubled the employee paid sick leave requirements for all businesses located in the City of Los Angeles.  LA now joins neighbor Santa Monica, [...]

Can you Get Fired for Calling in Sick on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is one of the nicest holidays in the year - getting to spend time with family and loved ones, eating turkey (and maybe even falling into a food coma!) can feel like a well-needed indulgence, especially if you been working hard all year. The problem is that some employers stay open on Thanksgiving, or the [...]

Can a Company Not Hire Smokers?

Whether you’re an avid smoker or just one who enjoys the occasional cigarette to ease the stress of a long work week, one of the top questions that smokers ask is, can accompany not hire smokers? Or in other words, can an employer refuse to hire you because of your desired tobacco use? Employers may [...]

Can an Employee be Fired While on Disability?

As everyone knows, there are times during employment where a employee has to go on disability leave. One of the top questions that employees on disability ask is, can an employee can be fired while on disability?  While you are receiving disability benefits, you may wonder if you are immune to be fired. An employer [...]

Can an Employee be Fired for No Reason?

Let’s face it – getting fired is awful. During surveys or interviews asking average Americans to report their most challenging life obstacles, getting fired almost always ranks in the top.  With the economy on shaky ground since 2008, all across the country, employees tend to worry about being fired.  Obviously, an employer can let go [...]

Can an Employee be Fired for Insubordination?

In the typical workplace, there are often “vertical” relationships, meaning, employees who are told they report to a certain supervisor or manager, who oversees those particular employees and is responsible for them. One of the top questions that come up employment workplaces where there are one or more vertical relationships is what happens when the [...]

Can an Employee be Fired for Medical Reasons

One of the top questions that employees ask is whether they can be fired for medical reasons. The reality is that everybody gets sick, including young children and family members, and in today's day and age, the sad truth is that many employees are afraid to take medical leave in fear that they will be fired. [...]

Can a Company Rescind a Job Offer?

You got a job offer. Congratulations! You are relieved to have landed the job, but should you relax until the job starts? What if, to your dismay, the employer rescinds the job offer a few days later? This doesn’t seem right, but it may be legal. Or what if you are the company who just [...]

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