Top Tax Tips and Traps for Los Angeles Entertainment and Creative Professionals

An Overview of the Process, Exemptions, Requirements, and Tax Discovery Procedures  If you are an entertainment industry professional living or working in Los Angeles, you have probably heard the horror stories of colleagues opening mail to find a tax collection notice that they owe $30,000+ within 30 days. Yikes!  Entertainment and creative professionals often fall into [...]

Top Entertainment Lawyers Los Angeles – Where to Look and How to Find One

 Top Entertainment Lawyers Los Angeles Where to Look and How to Find One ? AXIS Legal Counsel's Entertainment Practice is designed to provide clients in California with reliable legal advise in connection with Music, TV, Film, Visual Arts, Literary, Photography, Fashion, and other Entertainment matters throughout California. Finding a top entertainment in Los Angeles can [...]

Basics of Loan-Out Companies for Entertainers in Music, Film, TV, and Arts  

Nearly every celebrity, musician, artist, band, group, or other entertainment professional that you know has what is called a “loan out company,” by which their personal services are provided to the public at large. A loan-out corporation is essentially a company that is formed for the purposes of employing the entertainer, whether it is an actor, [...]

Do I Need an Entertainment Lawyer? How Entertainment Lawyers Work and When to Hire One

One of the biggest mistakes many artists, bands, and other talent make during the course of their entertainment careers is not getting legal help soon enough. Many aspiring authors, musicians, actors, producers, models, bands, and others often make the error of relying on their managers or agents to pair them up with a lawyer. This [...]

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