The mayor of Irwindale said he will ask the City Council to drop the public-nuisance order and lawsuit against the maker of Sriracha hot sauce, possibly bringing the months-long conflict to an end.

The move comes after members of Gov. Jerry Brown’s office visited the sauce factory. Mayor Mark Breceda said he met behind closed doors with Huy Fong Foods CEO David Tran and two of the governor’s representatives Tuesday morning.

The City of Irwindale’s legal battle with Sriracha arose after the community complained the business was operating a “nuisance.”

A “nuisance” exists if a business or individual is operating their property in a manner that disrupts the basic quiet enjoyment of neighbors in their property. Nuisances can be caused through operating a business that causes noxious smells, blares noises that are too loud, or engages in any kind of activity that substantially impairs the rights of adjoining landowners.

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