anthemAnthem is one of the largest insurance companies in the US and one of the latest companies in a long line that have been impacted by a security breach.  This particular security breach resulted in the private information of nearly eighty million Americans potentially falling into the wrong hands.

The FBI warned against a potential attack due to the fact that insurance providers don’t have as robust a security set up as retailers and financial companies.  And the fact that the warning wasn’t properly headed isn’t the only problem facing the insurance company.  Anthem has recently warned users of a possible phishing scam in the form of an e-mail from cyber attackers designed to collect personal information.

Anthem is currently working with the FBI in an effort to sure up security and to have customers feeling secure moving forward.  Despite their efforts though, the e-mail phishing scam and telephone scams from hackers seeking private customer information are still very real problems that could result in additional payouts or future lawsuits.

Companies need to take every precaution to keep consumer data safe.  The fact that insurance company security measures tend to lag behind that of major retailers is no excuse for a breach of any kind, let alone a breach that affected tens of millions of customers.

If you feel as though your personal and private data was compromised by a company that you deal with, you should reach out to a lawyer.  An experienced consumer rights attorney will examine the company’s practices and security measures in an effort to determine if negligence played a factor in the data loss.  If you personal information should have been better protected, your attorney can fight to secure you any damages you might be entitled to as well and work to secure some form of credit monitoring to ensure that your information remains safe moving forward.

California law protects victims of breaches of privacy and provides them with an avenue for recovery against perpetrators. The California Confidential Medical Information Act provides plaintiffs with a private right of action against medical providers that disclose their medical information without authorization. Victims of privacy violations involving medical records need to act quickly to preserve their rights by consulting with a HIPAA violation lawyer.

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