meal-restThe Oakland Port Services Corporation will be required to pay nearly one and a half million dollars as a result of a class action lawsuit.  The lawsuit, which started out with two plaintiffs in 2013 and went on to involve interpretations of federal law as it pertains to the transportation industry, has now been settled with the class slated to receive just under one million dollars in damages for lost pay.

Plaintiffs named in the lawsuit complained that they were denied the permitted meal and rest breaks that are required per California law.  As a result the employees claimed that their reported time was inaccurate and that they missed out on pay as a result of working through breaks.

The defendant argued that the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act preempted the California law in this case and that they weren’t required to provide the breaks.  California has some very specific laws in place to protect employees who work in the state and after hearing the details of this case, the California Supreme Court sided with the drivers.  Current and former employees involved in the lawsuit will not only receive a total of almost a million dollars in lost wages, their legal fees, courts costs and other associated expense (totaling more than $500,000.00) will be covered as well.

While California law is clear when it comes to employee rights, filing a lawsuit against an employer can seem daunting.  If you feel as though you haven’t been treated properly or if you feel you have been discriminated against you should seek legal help immediately.  An experienced California attorney can examine all of the details of your situation, including any employments agreements or contracts, to identify any wrongdoing on the part of your employer.  If your rights have been violated your attorney can fight to get any lost wages or damages you might be entitled to.

California labor laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act require proper wages to be paid to employees. Violations of federal and state labor laws can occur when employers misclassify employees as “exempt” from wage and hour laws, when in fact they should be receiving overtime, meal/rest breaks, and other benefits of labor laws. Violations can also occur when employers fail to pay minimum wages,  fail to provide equal pay, unlawfully use unpaid internships, or violate the countless other labor law requirements that must be followed.

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