cvsA California judge has agreed to the terms of a settlement between CVS and more than 600 pharmacists over unpaid overtime wages.  This is the first of six similar lawsuits in the state of California and will see the plaintiffs receive a combined 2.8 million dollars to cover the overtime hours in question.

This lawsuit against CVS was first filed back in 2012 by an employee who alleged that the major pharmacy was using the verbiage of the California labor law to be able to avoid paying overtime wages.  Pharmacists in California are entitled to overtime pay for hours worked beyond six days in a row.  The lawsuit alleged that CVS was using atypical scheduling (using mid week to mid week instead of using the typical Sunday through Saturday) in order to have employees work for seven or more straight days without having to pay overtime wages.

Last year the courts agreed that a pharmacist’s schedule was not bound by a typical Saturday through Sunday work week and that any seventh consecutive day would constitute a requirement for overtime pay.  Moving forward, CVS and other pharmacies will need to provide pharmacists with a schedule that meets the requirements for standard time or be willing to shell out the additional money to cover overtime wages.

California has some very clear labor laws in place to ensure fair treatment and fair pay for employees.  If you feel as though an employer has unlawfully withheld pay or cheated you out of overtime, sick or vacation pay you need to seek legal assistance.  An experienced California business attorney can review your contract with the company to ensure that your employer is treating you fairly and in accordance with California law.  If violations are found, your attorney can put together a plan to ensure that you receive lost wages or to help you get compensation for unpaid overtime hours.

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