Registered users of PositiveSingles gathered together in a class action lawsuit against the dating website for false claims and unlawfully sharing private information.  On October 28, 2014 a jury decided in favor of the plaintiffs and the website will be required to pay more than sixteen million dollars in damages.

PositiveSingles promoted itself as the top online network and dating site for adults who have sexually transmitted diseases.  Users of the site claim that they signed up for membership to PositiveSingles under the premise that their pertinent information would be kept private and confidential.

The plaintiffs allege that their private information gathered during registration was then used without their knowledge or permission by PositiveSingles parent company SuccessfulMatch on other dating sites.  Profiles on those other SuccessfulMatch owned websites made information that was supposed to be personal and confidential accessible to the public.  PositiveSingles is still currently operating, but since the verdict just a few weeks ago the word “confidential” is no longer used on the website in regards to the registration process.

The original verbiage used on the website and subsequent actions taken by both PositiveSingles and SuccessfulMatch made this about as close to “open and shut” as you can get in this style of case.  Unfortunately, many consumer law violation cases can be much more difficult to prove.  There are many ways that a company or entity can gather and share your private information without your permission or knowledge.

If you feel as though a third party has violated your rights or put you at risk by unlawfully sharing private information you need to get in contact with a consumer rights professional as soon as possible.  An experienced California consumer rights attorney can examine your claim to determine any wrongdoing and set up the best possible course of action to get you justice.

California law protects victims of breaches of privacy and provides them with an avenue for recovery against perpetrators. The California Confidential Medical Information Act provides plaintiffs with a private right of action against medical providers that disclose their medical information without authorization. Victims of privacy violations involving medical records need to act quickly to preserve their rights by consulting with a HIPAA violation lawyer.

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