kardashIt isn’t at all unusual to see a major celebrity involved in some sort of legal dispute – it seems as though this small cross section of the population is always involved in scuffles with Paparazzi, moving violations, DUIs and financial disputes and with shows like TMZ and social media nothing escapes the public eye.  What we don’t see quite as often is a celebrity’s unpaid judgment netting more than the debt is actually worth in an auction.

According to Los Angeles area dentist Dr. Craig Gordon, Kim Kardashian received and failed to pay for a cosmetic procedure nearly a dozen years ago.  The procedure cost approximately $1600.00 to perform and had accumulated $1500.00 in interest totaling just over $3,000.00 but the judgment sold for $5,000.00 via the online auction site judgmentmarketplace.com.   This website allows anyone to bid on and win an unpaid judgment or debt, usually for a small percentage of what the actual debt is worth – the creditor gets some return from the sale and the auction winner can approach the debtor in an effort to collect the unpaid debt and possibly turn a profit.

The vast majority of judgments up for auction on sites like this will sell for a fraction of the cost of service due to the fact that there is a good chance that the winner might never collect the money due.  A lawyer who represents the fashion icon and TV personality has commented that Kardashian never solicited the Dr.’s services so there is a very good chance that this debt will never be paid to the winner of the auction.  This particular judgment sold for a large sum, likely to great the great delight of the dentist who put it up for sale, simply because it had a celebrity name attached to it.

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