timeandmoneyFour individuals who regularly appeared on the Discovery Channel reality show Texas Car Wars are suing the producer of the show for wages and damages.  The four plaintiffs claim that they weren’t employees of the body shops featured on the show, but were acting as employees for the production company (Megalomedia Inc.) and performing actions completely at the production company’s discretion.

The plaintiffs are asserting in their claim that they performed duties for the production company for in excess of 40 hours per week during the filming of the reality show.  They also claim to have been “on call” for the production company and could be called back to the set for filming at any time.  Due to the scheduling and workload during filming the defendants claim that they couldn’t hold another form of employment and as such that Megalomedia Inc. was serving as their sole employer.

As a result of the lawsuit the four reality stars hope to receive payment based on the federal minimum wage for 40 hour work weeks plus overtime pay.  They are also seeking funds to cover court costs, miscellaneous fees and other damages.

This style of lawsuit can be very challenging for a plaintiff, especially one who is working as a third party contractor or freelancer.  It is the burden of the contractor to prove the hours worked/projects completed and the payment that was agreed upon prior to the work beginning.  These particular defendants have the advantage of working on film during the course of the show which could provide the courts with the necessary information they need to deliver the proper verdict.  Unfortunately that is rarely the case in a lawsuit involving back wages or breach of contract.

If you are having an issue with an employer who hasn’t lived up to their end of the bargain when it comes to fair pay for services rendered, you need to enlist the help of a professional as soon as possible.  An experienced California attorney can help explain your rights when it comes to employment issues and fight to help you get the money that you’ve rightfully earned as a result of services completed.

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