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hwoodsign2Entertainment litigation is an everyday occurrence. Every day, disputes arise between professionals involved in the entertainment industry, whether in music, film, TV, literary, visual arts, digital media, social media, publishing, or any of the other types of goods and products or services that are prevalent in the entertainment industry in California. individuals involved in entertainment litigation disputes are often seeking a cost-effective and solutions oriented response to a problem that they are having with another individual or business. Speed, budget, and effectiveness are always a priority. Axis Legal Counsel can help. We regularly counsel individuals, businesses, and others involved in the entertainment industry with a variety of disputes, requiring entertainment litigation, whether in court or an arbitration. We have counseled professionals from nearly every field in entertainment, ranging from the music industry, film and television, literary and publishing, arts and visual arts, app development and digital media, software services, technical talent, and numerous others.

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Types of Entertainment Litigation Disputes

Entertainment disputes can take a variety of shapes and forms. In the music industry, entertainment litigation can arise when there is a dispute between a recording artist and the record label, between a represented artist and its managers, or agents, or if there are disputes between band members, between a band and vendors, or investors.  In the film and television context, entertainment litigation disputes can arise during the course of an actor or actress’s negotiations for work, compensation, services, or other matters. During the production process, negotiations can break down and claims can arise between producers, directors, production companies, studios, distributors, technical talent, and other players in the TV and filmmaking process. Disputes can also arise with respect to guild and union obligations. Another top area for entertainment litigation involves contracts and agreements involving individuals in the entertainment industry. Although there is no way to list all the types of agreements and contracts that exist in entertainment today, the one constant is that disputes always arise if there is a misunderstanding between the parties or lack of meeting of the minds on the obligations of each party.

How Entertainment Disputes Begin

An entertainment dispute requiring entertainment litigation often begins by one party doing something or not doing something. This tends to result in a demand being issued by the aggrieved party. The demand can be a cease and desist demand, requiring that the breaching party stop doing something, or it can be a demand for action, such as to perform, make a payment, or refund monies paid. Demands generally aren’t written format and sent by attorneys for the aggrieved party. They usually require response or compliance within a specific amount of time, usually 7 to 14 days. Demands should not be ignored. Generally when demands are ignored, the matter simply escalates toward a lawsuit or arbitration, depending on whether the agreement between the parties contains an arbitration provision.

Entertainment Disputes involving Payments Made or Received

A significant number of entertainment litigation disputes involve payments being made or received unjustly. For example and entertainment litigation matter may involve a performer being paid monies that they should not be entitled to keep or retain because of certain circumstances that occurred during the course of the performance. Other common entertainment litigation disputes involve the payment of residuals, royalties, and other back and participation. Based on recent studies in the entertainment industry, a study found that the overwhelming majority of talents, actresses, actors, artists, and other non-company side entertainment professionals are often deprived of proper payment of residuals, royalties, and other amounts owed under participation agreements. Often these individuals are not sure of their rights and how to request an accounting and provision of account statements to determine whether the appropriate amounts are actually being paid. And entertainment litigation attorney can help advise you as to the proper procedures and how to bring claims against breaching parties.

Remedies in Entertainment Litigation Matters

Entertainment litigation claims can seek a variety of remedies. These can range from the return of money, the payment of money, injunctive relief, which is a fancy word for saying that the other party must do something or not do something, as well as the payment of attorney’s fees, costs and other damages. Generally California, litigants are entitled to seek all damages flowing from a wrongful act, and that may range from out-of-pocket expenses, which are expenses that the aggrieved parties actually spent or lost money, and consequential damages, which are damages that flow out of the wrongful act that may be more indirect.  Many entertainment contracts contain “prevailing party” provisions, which is a provision that allows the successful party in an entertainment litigation matter to seek attorney’s fees and costs. This can make a huge difference.

How Long Will It Take

Many individuals seeking entertainment litigation counsel wonder how long the process will take. The answer depends on the facts of each case. In some cases disputes can be resolved in a matter of weeks. In other cases, if the other parties hotly contest the dispute, or if there are a voluminous amount of records or documents to review, or if the matter involves financial wrongdoing that requires a full accounting, these are all factors that can delay the resolution of the case. If you are wondering exactly how long it might take for your case to resolve, give us a call and give us the facts of the case and we can give you an overview of the next steps based on the information you give us, and an estimated timeline associated with it. Obviously, there are no guarantees in litigation as the process is inherently unpredictable.

How Much Will it Cost to Hire an Entertainment Litigation Attorney

Individuals and companies seeking entertainment litigation advice also often ask how expensive it is to hire an entertainment litigation attorney. Many entertainment litigation attorneys only provide services on an hourly basis and in Los Angeles, or any other major city, hourly rates can be skyhigh and prohibitive. Axis Legal Counsel, on the other hand, provides a variety of billing options for entertainment litigation clients including flat fee/project-based litigation, hybrid litigation, which involves the payment of fees along with the contingency rate, as well as pure contingency-based litigation, which means that unless we recover on your case, you will not owe anything for attorneys fees. The payment of costs, which are court costs or other third-party costs associated with the litigation process, may be included as advances, depending on the facts of your case. Give us a call today and ask about the billing options that we may have available for your case. Most clients are often surprised to learn about the flexible options that we offer.

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If you are concerned that you are not being paid your music royalties, contact AXIS Legal Counsel today. AXIS can help evaluate your rights to determine whether you are owed amounts by labels or publishers (or their administrators) that you are not properly being paid.  Give us a call today for a free confidential consultation at (213) 403-0130 or info@axislegalca.com.


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