disputes The State of Oregon is seeking upwards of three and a half million dollars in penalties from Forever Young Laser Spa and its owners.  The lawsuit suggest that the owners of the spa made false claims on their website, that the spa took payment for services that were never provided and that business failed to offer proper contracts to clients.

The lawsuit stems from complaints from hundreds of Forever Young customers that were filed with the Oregon Attorney General’s Office prior to the business suddenly shutting down in 2013.  An investigation into the laser spa revealed that the owners advertised treatments for permanent hair removal when they didn’t have the proper equipment to deliver the result.

The company also claimed on their website that employees achieved dramatic weight loss results from treatments offered in the spa that investigators say were exaggerated or untrue.  Complainants also allege that Forever Young employees continued to try to sell them services right up until the business closed and that they were refused refunds for services that were paid for but never received.

The family who owned Forever Young is no longer operating in the state of Oregon but has opened up a spa in Nevada.  That change of location won’t necessarily protect them from prosecution though – attorneys from Oregon will probably fight to get back every penny that is due to customers of the spa who failed to receive the services they paid for.

When you run a business you need to be mindful of your advertising claims and methods and of your customer service.  If you are facing a claim from even one customer regarding your claims or services you need to seek out the help of a legal professional.  An experienced California business attorney can help evaluate all of the details of your situation and put together the best plan to protect your business interests now and in the future.

Fraud involves the willful misrepresentation, deceit, or deception of innocent individuals that results in financial loss or economic damages.  Fraud is one of the largest causes of unexpected financial loss among individuals, families, and businesses.  Fraud can be perpetrated by ordinary individuals, legitimate business enterprises, or through deception / unlawful means.

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