soccerA former Clemson soccer player has filed a lawsuit against her former coaches, the athletic director and other officials at Clemson University for damages stemming from injuries that she incurred during a hazing incident in 2011.  The coaches named in the suit have responded that the event was not a mandatory team activity as the lawsuit claims and that they neither encouraged or issued permission for the event.

Haley Hunt, who was a freshman soccer player at the time of the event, has alleged that multiple older teammates took her and other freshmen soccer players from their dorms during the night.  She claims that she and her freshmen teammates were blindfolded, shoved into the trunks of cars and transported from location to location and forced to perform demeaning acts.

The final act, a “secret ritual” performed at Clemson’s Riggs Field involved the older teammates spinning Hunt around before forcing her to sprint down the field.  During this final part of the ordeal the freshman ran face first into a brick wall and suffered multiple physical and emotional injuries.

After a multitude of serious injuries and several student deaths hazing has become a hot button topic.  Universities, Fraternities and other organizations have begun to take serious action to prosecute hazing perpetrators and to prevent future events from occurring.   The primary challenges in this particular case revolve around the fact that the named defendants weren’t present at the time of the event and that the statute of limitations may have run out before the claim was filed.

If you feel as though your school, sports team, fraternity or other organization has unlawfully put you in a position where serious injury was not only possible, but probable, you need to get legal help on your side immediately.  Enlisting the help of an experienced California attorney as soon as possible after a hazing event will ensure that your claim falls within the statute of limitations.  Hiring an attorney will also ensure that all of the necessary information is gathered to properly identify the defendant and to move forward with a claim toward the best possible result.

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