braininjuryConcussions have become a hot topic of discussion in the sports world with former NFL players suing their former employer and rule changes and equipment alterations being implemented from the pros down through the amateur ranks.  Now it seems that soccer players want to get in on the action as well and have filed suit in Northern California against the two primary governing bodies of the sport – the difference between the two suits tough – the former soccer players aren’t seeking financial compensation in their filing.

A number of current and former soccer players have joined together in a claim against FIFA and US Soccer seeking rule and policy changes that will keep players protected.  The plaintiffs want potential head injuries to be evaluated by medical professionals in order to prevent a player with a concussion from returning to action.  Players are also seeking amendments to the current substitutions rules to allow coaches additional player substitutions in order to keep the games even in the event of an injury or during medical evaluations.

It isn’t often that you hear of a large group of defendants seeking legal action against any association or entity without seeking money as well.  That fact doesn’t necessarily mean that the court battle will be any easier for the players to win though – FIFA and US Soccer are both large entities with wide ranging control over how the game of soccer is played in the US and abroad.  Both of these entities might be willing to accept some concessions or compromises regarding the rules any changes could take some time to implement on both the professional and amateur levels.

Soccer isn’t considered a “contact” sport, but the players on the soccer field are every bit as likely to suffer a concussion as their counterparts who play American football or hockey are.  These soccer players aren’t invested in this claim for greed they are seeking the same safe working conditions that every American should be entitled to.

If you feel as though your employer has policies in place that are creating an unsafe or unhealthy work environment you should make every effort to instill a change.  Reach out to an experienced California attorney for advice on your options when it comes to a work safety lawsuit or a work related injury claim.

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