And Then There Were Four

 A fourth accuser has stepped forward and alleged sexual misconduct against John Travolta.  To recap,  the first accuser has now hired maven lawyer Gloria Allred after dismissing his original lawsuit; the second has agreed to a private mediation of his claim, meaning that the lawsuit will not go forward publicly and its ultimate resolution will be confidential; and the third involves a Royal Caribbean cruise employee.  All four accuse Travolta of sexual improprieties ranging from “sexual battery,” meaning that Travolta inappropriately touched the accusers, without their consent, to claims that Travolta made threats, bribes, and offered payments for sexual activity. 

This Daily Mail article offers a thoughtful and sympathetic commentary on Travolta for having the misfortune of having his personal life and questions about his sexual orientation persist on the front page news.  Although a number of celebrities have now come forward in support of keeping Travolta’s personal life, sexual orientation, and other personal details private, the issue may not be how Travolta handles his personal life, but rather, whether he has been involved in committing sexual battery, assault, and harrassment.