A victim of fraud involving a major U.S. hotel chain has hiredAxisto determine their legal options.

Fraud involves the willful misrepresentation, deceipt, or deception of innocent individuals that results in financial loss or economic damages.  Fraud is one of the largest causes of unexpected financial loss among individuals, families, and businesses.  Fraud can be perpetrated by ordinary individuals, legitimate business enterprises, or through deception / unlawful means.

Axis Legal Counsel represents victims of fraud in a variety of areas and legal fields, ranging from consumer fraud, business/contractual fraud, insurance fraud, fraud in the receipt of services, medical fraud, and fraud arising under numerous other circumstances.  Axis’s managing attorney has extensive experience counseling victims of fraud, and has as a speaker / lecturer in various national events training law enforcement, auditors, investigators, and others on detecting fraud. 

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 For information on retaining Axis Legal Counsel to represent you in connection with any insurance coverage or bad faith matter, contact info@axislegalca.com or call (213) 403-0130 for a confidential consultation. Axis Legal Counsel is a Los Angeles, California firm serving victims of fraud throughout Los Angeles and California.