No telling what Google is doing for NSA.

Republican-Appointed Judges OK NSA to Hide Nature of Relationship with Google. A Reagan and Bush-appointed panel of judges has ruled that the National Security Agency (NSA) does not  have to disclose anything about the relationship and involvement it has with Google, because it is apparently a “national security” matter.  It would not be the first time Google has been accused of collaborating with government agencies (like the CIA) to spy on Americans. 


Ducks will be safer in California after July 1, 2012

Activists Call for Ban on Foie Gras.  Effective July 1, 2012, California will be banning the force-feeding of fowl, including ducks for the production of foie gras.  Animal Activists are now calling for a nationwide ban.  Foie gras is banned in more than a dozen countries, and force-feeding is outlawed in the United Kingdom and several other European countries.




Contains No Actual Fruit

Consumer Fraud Lawsuit Against Fruit-Roll Ups Allowed to Proceed.  A San Diego court has OK’d the lawsuit against General Mills to proceed, which alleges that Fruit Roll-Ups are deceptive and misleading because they do not actually contain any fruit.