Lawsuits are piling up across the country against Home Dept following a data breach that plaintiffs allege could have easily been prevented.  There are now more than 20 federal lawsuits pending against Home Depot – and that number could continue to climb before the lawsuits are granted class action status by the courts.

Plaintiffs in a recent filing in Atlanta claim that Home Depot was fully aware that company security designed to protect user data was out of date and that it had flaws.  The lawsuit alleges that Home Depot failed to take the necessary action to upgrade or update their system, which put user data at serious risk and ultimately caused millions of dollars in damages due to fraudulent charges and the need to replace compromised cards, etc.

Home depot is just the latest in a series of major retailers who have been affected by a data breach.  Target, K-Mart and Verizon have all come under fire with consumers after security flaws or outdated software had resulted in customers’ private data going public.

If there are facts that show that Home Depot knowingly allowed transactions to take place when consumers’ pertinent data was not being protected or was at risk, they could be in for a lengthy court battle that doesn’t end very well.  One lawsuit filed alone estimates damages in the millions and as more lawsuits are piled on that number will increase exponentially.

If you feel as though you have been a victim of a data breech or if you’ve been otherwise wronged by a corporation or institution you should seek legal help immediately.  An experienced California attorney can gather all of the facts from your story and develop the best possible avenue to pursue your claim.  If a company has wronged you, your attorney will fight to get you any damages you are entitled to.

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