Costner Sued for Not Trimming his Bushes

With the lawsuit against Steven Baldwin freshly decided in his favor, Kevin Costner is embroiled again in another legal battle: this time, with his neighbor.

Costner’s Carpinteria, California neighbor Rick Grimm, an investment banker, has filed a lawsuit over the trees and shrubs planted by Costner to protect his privacy, which now block Grimm’s ocean view. Apparently, covenants on the properties established in 1957 prevent hedges from being grown over six (6) feet. 

The neighbor is seeking $150,000 damages for loss of enjoyment and $500,000 for damages to his property value if the trees are not removed.   Grimm also wants an order compelling Costner to chop down the trees.

 If Costner did violate the convenants restricting use of the land, then it will be very difficult for him to win this lawsuit.  Generally, it is hard to challenge covenants and succeed, because they are usually established by the devleopers of their property long before warring neighbors take title and ownership to their houses.