yoon-mi-rae-interviewA popular Korean music duo is contemplating legal action after their song appeared in “The Interview”  without their permission. Representatives for the group say that they were in negotiations for their song to appear in the film, but that no agreement was ever reached and that they only found out their music was in the soundtrack after the film was released.

FeelGhoodMusic, the management company which represents the pop stars, claim that they thought that no deal was going to be struck after the initial negotiations had been stopped. Both the artists and the management teams were very surprised to hear a portion of their hit track “Pay Day” once the controversial film hit screens in limited release.

The Korean stars had reservations about allowing their music to appear in The Interview from the beginning due to ill will toward the film by residents and the government in the country they call home. The film has been heavily criticized and the release was even put on hold for after fear of backlash for the portrayal of the leader of North Korea.

Regardless whether the production company or those responsible for negotiations believed they had a preliminary or even verbal agreement in place, the song should not have appeared in the film until there was a contract in place. If representatives for the pop stars can prove that Sony used the song without permission from the artists, they could be required to pay out for their misstep.

While this case seems fairly cut and dry, not all legal issues involving copyrighted material are “open and shut.” If you feel as though a third party corporation or individual are profiting from material that you own without your permission, you need to hire an attorney. An experienced entertainment lawyer can review all the facts to determine the best course of action and pursue a cease and desist order or fight to get you any damages you might be entitled to.

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