bbknigThe St. Louis Post Dispatch reported on May 7, 2015 that after two investigations a judge in Las Vegas family court has declared legendary blues guitarist B.B. King is being well taken care of while in Hospice and there is no evidence of neglect. Three of Mr. King’s children took the caretaker, Ms. Laverne Toney, to court saying they believed she was neglecting their father and blocking visits among other charges of abuse. Ms. Toney does have power of attorney in his legal affairs and has for a long time.

According to The caretaker and her attorney visits can be scheduled as before. Mr. King is no longer touring and the counsel for Ms. Toney believes the children are making this case to get some more money from Mr. King. It was reported that Mr. King’s attorney and his physician have met with him and they have seen no evidence of abuse or neglect. Police in Las Vegas had been called to his home in November in an earlier case about elder abuse but the investigation is still ongoing. There is a $ 5 million estate that includes copyrights and royalties and the children claim that Ms. Toney has bilked it of over $1 million. Charges include her hiring family members on Mr. King’s payroll. All these charges have been denied.

Elder abuse is happening more and more with the aging of the baby boomer generation. The care of a loved one is one of the most important duties a family member can have. If elder abuse at a nursing home or by a home health aid worker is suspected a California personal injury attorney with experience in elder neglect cases should be contacted. There are signs of abuse that some may not pick up but with the help of an attorney you can be assured your loved one receives the proper care.

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