LFLLingerie football league Legends Football League has been sued by two employees alleging that they were the victims of violations of California’s wage and hour laws. According to the lawsuit papers brought by Melissa Margulies and Robin “Nikki” Johnson, the lingerie football league failed to pay them minimum wages and overtime pay that was due to them under federal and California labor laws. They also allege that the league failed to compensate them for injuries they suffered while playing such as in the orbital facial fracture and torn ACL.

California labor laws require overtime pay to be paid for all “nonexempt” employees after eight hours of work in one workday or 40 hours in one work-week, plus additional “premium” overtime pay for hours worked on the seventh consecutive day of work in any one work week.  California law is more favorable to employees than federal law under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which only requires overtime pay for nonexempt private sector employees who worked in excess of 40 hours per workweek. An employer who fails to provide an employee with a meal or rest period as required by an applicable IWC Wage Order is liable for paying each affected employee one hour’s pay each day the employee is not provided the appropriate meal or rest period.

The California Industrial Welfare Commission establishes minimum conditions of employment, including overtime pay, and rules governing whether individuals are exempt from overtime pay because of the professional, administrative, or executive nature of their employment.  The California Wage Theft Prevention Act of 2011 requires employers to notify newly-hired nonexempt workers of their wages rights and any changes to this information.

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