Organizational Tasks

  •  Select name. Check with Secretary of State on availability of name and reserve it with Secretary of State. See Corp C §201(c).
  • Obtain approval, if necessary, from appropriate licensing board for use of fictitious business name.
  • Prepare and file Articles of Incorporation(Secretary of State Form LLC-1) with the Secretary of State
  • Prepare and execute the written operating agreement
  • File a Statement of Information (Secretary of State Form LLC-12) with the Secretary of State


Federal Tax Registrations

  • Obtain an FEIN from Internal Revenue Service
  • File tax classification election (partnership or corporation) with the Internal Revenue Service


Registration to Do Business in California for Foreign Entities

  • Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation
  • Registration of Foreign Limited Partnership (Form LP5)
  • Application for Registration (Form LLC5)


Employment Development Department Registration

  • Registration Form for Commercial Employers (EDD Form DE1)
  • Registration Form for Agricultural Employers (EDD Form DE1 AG)
  • Report of New Employee(s) for certain industries (EDD Form DE-34)


Immigration and Naturalization Service

  • Employment Eligibility Verification (INS Form I9)


City Licenses and Registrations

  •  Various forms available from city business license office
  • Seller’s Permit –  If required, obtain a seller’s permit from the Board of Equalization – California Seller’s Permit Application—Individuals/Partnerships/Corporations/Organizations (Regular or Temporary): Form BOE-400-SPA


Other Taxes

  • Application for Registration — Excise Taxes (Corporation/Limited Liability Company (LLC)/Organization: Form BOE-400-ETC
  • California Excise Tax Permit Application for Individuals and Partnerships: Form BOE-400-ETI
  • Application for Distributor’s Cigarette and Tobacco Products License: Form BOE-400-LD
  • Application for Retailer’s Cigarette and Tobacco Products License: Form BOE-400-LR
  • Application for Wholesaler’s Cigarette and Tobacco Products License: Form BOE-400-LW
  • Fuel Tax Fee Account Number, License or Permit Application: Form BOE-400-FTA
  • Registration for Motor Vehicle Tax (DMV)
  • Special occupational tax (federal) (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Form TTB F 5630.5d (alcohol) or Form TTB F 5630.5t (tobacco))


Securities Filings

  • If required, file for registration, qualification, or exemption under the securities laws


State Lottery Seller

  • Registration with state lottery


Involved in Construction, Reconstruction, Planning and Zoning

  • Various forms available from local planning departments