texaslottoA handful of Texas lottery players have gotten together to file a claim against the State Lottery Commission for ten million dollars alleging deceptive and misleading claims.  According to the lawsuit, the wording on the scratch off game Fun 5’s is leading folks to believe that they’ve won substantial prizes when their tickets weren’t winners at all.

The confusion comes from the instructions on the tickets, which read “reveal a money bag symbol in the 5X box, win 5 times that prize.”  This has lead lotto players to believe that they have won anywhere from $5,000.00 to half a million dollars on tickets that won nothing.  The State Lottery Commission has issued a statement saying that the line in question merely details how a player would multiply a winning ticket and that it does not necessarily signify that the ticket is a winner.

While the lotto players in the lawsuit most certainly feel that they have been duped, this isn’t necessarily a case where they will walk away with a large settlement.  The language in the instructions on the ticket could be clearer, but it wasn’t that language (or the promise of a big win) that compelled those players to purchase the tickets in the first place.  Scratch off lottery tickets are a game of chance – just because the language in the instructions was a bit unclear it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Lottery Commission will be responsible for paying out prizes on non-winning tickets. There are many small details that can have a major impact on a deceptive advertising claim.  If you feel as though a company or individual has used false or misleading information to secure a sale you should reach out to a legal expert.  An experienced attorney can view the verbiage in advertisements and contracts to determine if a sale was made under false pretense and help guide you toward the path that will lead best resolution to your claim.

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