marriottComplaints of blocked Wi-Fi hotspots have lead the FCC to levy $600,000.00 in fines to hotel giant Marriott International.  Marriott has admitted to blocking signals but claims that they only did so in order to prevent poor service and potential cyber threats.

The incident in question took place early in 2013 at a Marriott-operated hotel and convention center in Nashville Tennessee.  Guests allege that Marriott identified and jammed personal Wi-Fi hotspots which forced them to either pay exorbitant fees to access the hotel Wi-Fi or go without access to the internet.

Representatives of the hotel chain claim that the laws are unclear when it comes to jamming or blocking wireless internet signals.  Despite the fines levied and the past history of incidents where the FCC has sided against establishments who block personal hotspots or who use devices to jam wireless signals, the hotel maintains their innocence.

While the FCC decided to hand down stiff fines in this case, it could easily have gone the other way.  Marriott claims that rogue hotspots could have conceivably opened the door to potential cyber threats, putting guests’ private information at risk to hackers.

Identity theft and theft of vital, private information are serious crimes that businesses and authorities don’t take lightly.  If the hotel chain could have proven that personal hotspots had resulted in identity theft in past they might have made it through this incident unscathed.

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