hospital-roomThe parents of a Northern California teenager who has been declared brain dead have sued the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and her surgeon citing medical malpractice. This is one of many court actions involving this tragic case. The child, Jai McGrath, was receiving treatment for sleep apnea that the doctor was trying to relieve by performing a tonsillectomy. She has been declared brain dead by California authorities but remains on a respirator.

The suit states that the doctor performed a risky operation due to a physical abnormality which could lead to a greater chance for complications. The teen was coughing blood after the procedure and eventually she was declared brain dead by the coroner after suffering cardiac arrest.

The family had been using legal means to declare her still alive citing evidence of brain function and awareness in their child and some physicians cited new tests that proved this. This quest has since been dropped after an expert from the University of Stanford testified that she has shown no signs of life. The patient has been kept on a respirator at a facility in New Jersey accepting her due to religious beliefs of the family – in California no facility would have accepted her after the brain death diagnosis.

A wrongful death or injury due to medical malpractice is an issue that can only be handled properly by an experienced California personal injury attorney. This type of case is often about more than just the medical payments – it also will help ensure that those responsible for everyone’s well being will always be careful in this type of procedure. If someone in your family is suffering due to an ill advised decision by a doctor, reach out today and consult with a California personal injury attorney today so you can begin taking steps toward the best possible resolution.

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