startupsignOf the 600,000 businesses that startup each year in America, only 1/2 will survive to see their 4th anniversary.

In a new study published in the journal Science, a duo of MIT economists argue that a handful of few key factors seem to be associated with the potential for success. They have developed a mathematical framework that lets them predict how the far a company or even a whole innovation cluster can grow.

Here’s a summary of their findings:

  • The Right Name.  Names tend to be key indicators, for example — companies not named after their founders that have their names trademarked show potential.  Companies that have names that are short and/or contain words associated with technology are more successful than those that don’t. According to the study, company names that are less than three words long are 50% more likely to grow.
  • Proper Formation.  Startups that are properly incorporated  are more than six times more likely to grow than companies that aren’t incorporated.
  • Location. Startups located in California are much more likely to succeed than in other locations.
  • Publicity. Getting early exposure is often key to building the momentum necessary to gain investor confidence and snowball funding.
  • Intellectual Property.  Having a patent or other valuable intellectual property is also a success factor. According to the study, registering your company properly and having a patent increases the likely success 200-fold. 

On the other hand, there is a bevy of anectodal and other accounts identifying the factors that have been tied to startup failures. Some of them include:

  • Bad location – starting up in a small market with insufficient access to investors and technical know-how
  • Obscure niche / lack of appeal to mainstream
  • Derivative idea that draws from existing IP or ideas belonging to other companies
  • “Competing with Pepsi” – entering a saturated market already dominated with power-players
  • Unworkable business model – meaning that the business won’t make money
  • Unscalable – the profitability of the business can’t be scaled to grow
  • No specific audience / No audience – there are no real buyers for whatever product/service the startup is selling
  • Unrealistic expectations – the founders are not honest/realistic about the problems with their idea
  • Bad presentation – great concept, wrong founders
  • Warring founders – lack of solid direction / agreement about direction of company between founders
  • Hobby – insufficient time, energy, heart put into startup by the founders & founding team

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