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microphoneMusic royalties are the lifeblood of the music industry. Whether earned to compensate services to a recording artist, producer, studio engineer, singer, songwriter, vocalist, or musicians, many professionals in the music industry defer receiving payment upfront on the promise of royalties paid on the back-end once the record label’s investment is recouped and the record makes money.

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Royalties Accounting Problems in Music Industry

Although music royalties are the standard form of compensation to professionals involved in the music industry, royalties accountings are rife with problems, and music professionals are frequently shortchanged by labels, publishing companies, and business managers when it comes to proper royalties accounting.  Why? Many times, simply due to the overly complex mathematics involved in royalties accounting.  Artists, groups, and bands are often unable to figure out how much they are due or owed, and whether all amounts owed have properly been paid.  The music industry is often very lax and loose and the proper controls that are necessary to determine whether royalties are properly being paid are often missing or ignored.

Have you ever read or reviewed a music royalty statement?  They are so difficult to understand! between the songwriter splits, distribution fees, commissions, and other fees and charges, it can be very difficult to understand whether royalties are even being paid properly at all. Many music managers, including management companies, do not provide artists with a clear statement of what royalties are being received from various revenue sources, including record sales, MP3 downloads, streaming music sites, or others. A recording artist, songwriter, band, group, or other musician, can be left in a position where they know the money is coming to them, but they have no idea whether it is accurate or complete.

 Getting A Music Royalties Attorney Involved

A music royalties attorney can help evaluate the royalties statements you are being provided to determine whether you are being shortchanged on royalties. The process starts with making a request for an account or accounting statements of royalties from the label, publisher, business manager, or other individual or entity who is receiving and administering the funds.  Does the label or publisher even provide you with accounting statements regularly? If not, they may be in breach of their recording or publishing agreement with you.

The majority of recording artists are victims of royalties theft and royalties accounting violations. . . . and often don't now how to get help.

Further, it’s very important to have a periodic audit done of not only the information that is being provided by the management company, if you are represented by management company, but also audits done of the music royalty statements that are coming from a record label or publisher. Music royalty accounting disputes are frequently the source of artists allegations claiming that the record label, production company, or distributor, is not properly paying them all the amounts they are due and owed.

 Who Pays for the Royalties Accounting?

In a number of recording, production, or publishing agreements, it is common for there to be a provision that requires the label or publisher to pay the costs of an accounting, if the accounting reveals a discrepancy of X %.  A review of your particular agreement will help spell out your rights and whether there is a expense-shifting provision available. For legal actions,  if your case appears to be viable, AXIS Legal Counsel typically takes music royalty dispute cases on a contingency basis, meaning, if there is no recovery for you, you do not pay anything for attorneys’ fees.


What Kinds of Legal Issues Will I Need a Music Law Firm to Help With? 

AXIS Legal Counsel represents a variety of music clients with issues relating to the music industry, including royalties accounting disputes, copyright infringement matters, intellectual property issues, band agreements and disputes, songwriter and musician splits, record royalties, song royalties, publishing income, trademark matters, music loan out companies, endorsement agreements, merchandising agreements, and a variety of other legal matters relevant to artists, bands, production companies, producers, independent record labels, musicians, singers, songwriters, and others.


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If you are concerned that you are not being paid your music royalties, contact AXIS Legal Counsel today. AXIS can help evaluate your rights to determine whether you are owed amounts by labels or publishers (or their administrators) that you are not properly being paid.  Give us a call today for a free confidential consultation at (213) 403-0130 or


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